Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What is IRP and who needs it?

With the trucking industry as with most industries there are a number of different acronyms.

IRP is one of those. So what does it mean? IRP stands for International Registration Plan and is also known as Apportioned Plates.

You might be saying to yourself, well that's great and all but what does this have to do with me as a trucker?

This plate goes on the front of the truck. Every truck that has a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of over 26,000 pounds and will be "For Hire" must have this on the truck. It will be registered for all of the states the truck needs to travel through. There is also a yearly fee on the IRP and that fee depends on the miles traveled within each state.

Hopefully this helps to clear up at least one trucking acronym for ya!

Until next time, thanks as always for stopping by and keeping on truckin!


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